LMN India Working Group

India Matters UK is a member of the London Mining Network (LMN) and launched  the LMN India Working Group (IWG), a coalition of groups and individuals working together to

  1. provide practical support to communities resisting the impacts of mining as requested by them (research, advocacy etc.)
  2. work with the Fossil Free Science Museum Coalition to put pressure on the Science Museum to drop Adani as a sponsor
  3. raise awareness in the UK about the issue of mining and the related persecution of Adivasi and other (e.g. Dalit and Muslim) communities and destruction of the environment in India as well as to amplify Adivasi voices, skills and expertise and the role these play in the protection of forests and thereby, the mitigation of the impacts of climate change
  4. explore and develop resources which reveal the UK connection to mining and ‘development’ in India
  5. develop and strengthen networks with other organisations working in solidarity with mine-affected communities in India